The Cuppa Creativity Story

I started Cuppa Creativity in 2013 as a creative consulting business and art studio. I was working in an increasingly technical design management position at a software company and was itching to step away from the computer and make art with my hands again. 

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t happening. Too many years of perfectionism, procrastination, and resistance had paralyzed me in front of a blank page or canvas. I soon learned about the field of creativity coaching and figured if I couldn’t make art, maybe I could help others do it instead. I became certified as a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, and in the process, using the tools I learned, coached myself out of my perfectionism and procrastination, took the pressure off myself, and began painting – a lot

The name, Cuppa Creativity, and the logo, was created out of my love of coffee, bright colors, and all things British. It was intended as a fun, imaginative, yet casual space where my clients could feel like they were sitting down for a “cuppa” with a friend.

Today I offer clients the full range of my art and design skillset, but my original mission is the same – to make the design process low-pressure, collaborative, and fun. When you work with me I’ll guide you to the best design choices, while also encouraging you to listen to your intuition.