Countdown Creative Challenge


What is the Countdown Creative Challenge?

On July 19, 2020, Cuppa Creativity celebrated its grand opening. For the 15 days leading up to the big event, I held a creative challenge.

Every day I posted a creative prompt including 3 words to use as a jumping-off point for art, poetry, collage, journaling…whatever people felt like creating.

It was a low-pressure way to create something that could be as quick as a 5 minute sketch or silly piece of writing. Some people spent longer on it, but the point was to help spark your creativity and help jumpstart your creative practice – whatever that looked like at that moment.

Feel free to follow the challenge at any time, in any order. And if you use any of the prompts I’d love to see them! 

If you post on Facebook or Instagram tag me at @cuppacreativity. Or email me at

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