Random Conversations From My Brains

by Vivian Liebenson
Do you predominantly use your “right-brain*” or “left-brain*?” Are you more logical and analytical or creative and intuitive?
Do the different sides of your brain talk to each other?
Mine do. And some of the stuff they say is pretty crazy.
Left Brain: Hey Right Brain! You’re dragging me down.
Right Brain: How can I be dragging you down? I’m flying over a meadow in the South of France. And call me Tallelulah. My name is Tallelulah.
LB: Listen Tallelulah, it’s January and we need to do some organizing.
RB: Organizing?! Boring! Besides I’ve got stuff to do.
LB: What stuff?
RB: Rainbow. Cartoon. hAHAHAHa.Butterfly. Red. :::::::&888 Circle. Blue. oooh painting.
LB: Dude, that doesn’t make any sense. Some of that was just random shapes and colors. What am I supposed to do with that? We need a system to
RB: Ooooh Yes! A system! We’ll design one from scratch and make it all pretty with our own drawings and everything will be color-coded…
LB: Like that notebook you use to write down ideas? The really pretty one with the color-coded dividers that you never assigned what the sections mean? So you just randomly write in any section, in any order, and then ask me to find your ideas for you and I can’t because it makes no sense. 1, a, b, 2, a, b, c, 3, a, b c…
RB: Stop indexing things while your talking to me.
LB: I’m just afraid we won’t be ready for
RB: Gah! Don’t say [afraid]! Ssssh. You’ll wake him!
LB: Sorry. We need to get ready for doing the taxes. And work on the budget.
RB: Ssssh!!! Jeez, don’t say the “B” word. If General Amygdala hears you talking about that finance thingy he’ll mobilize the troops and we’ll end up under the covers eating ice cream all day and nothing will get done!
LB: Can we at least work on the schedule for the month? I’ll let you write things on the calendar.
RB: Schedule? We’ll just do whatever feels right. It’ll be fine.
LB: I’ll let you write in colored marker…
RB: No! Let’s design our own calendar with our own drawings and a planner too that has
LB: The logical compromise would be to go to Staples and buy a prettier calendar.
RB: Yay! Let’s go. Hey this is a funny conversation. Apple. Bing! Spruce. Summer. Cold. mmmm smell. Let’s write a blog post about it and a cartoon to go with it…
LB: Oy. G’night. I’m just going to sit over here and atrophy for the winter.
* BTW, the whole idea as we know it of right brain or left brain thinking is probably not accurate. But it’s fun to think of the 2 sides of my brain as 2 lovable scamps who just can’t work together.

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