Cuppa Creativity can provide a number of consulting services.

Art Direction

If you are contracting with multiple companies for a single project, I can help coordinate and make sure all parties are adhering to your brand guidelines and design vision.

Troubleshooting / Training

I often hear of small business owners who have started off on the wrong foot with technology. They may find themselves unable to manage their own websites, email, hosting, etc. Perhaps their IT person left the company, or their current technology company isn’t there when they need them.

If you find yourself in this position, I can help you sort out administrative issues to get you back in charge of your technology. I’ll provide training on how to use these services going forward, or create a written guide so you have everything in one place. Once you are all sorted out, you might also consider one of our Virtual Webmaster packages going forward.


If you need help writing RFPs, creative briefs, or design requirements, I have 15 years of experience writing these types of documents.