Sing a Song of Sneezles (An Imaginary Cough Syrup-induced CD)

by Vivian Liebenson

Sing a Song of Sneezles: Questionable Lullabies for Drippy Noses


  1. Sneezles and Wheezles
  2. Achoo! That Got My Shoe!
  3. Mommy’s Got a Migraine, Hurry Up and Hide
  4. Who Ya Gonna Call? Snotbusters!
  5. Gimme That Board, Gonna Sand It With My Nose
  6. Breathing, I Hardly Knew Ya
  7. Don’t Confuse Your Cough With Your Coffee
  8. Sailing Along on a Thousand Cups of Tea
  9. Oh, to Breathe Again
  10. Ain’t a Sore Throat Great? You’re Like a Fire-Breathing Dragon! 

And Bonus Track:
Codeine, I Love You to the Moon and …Zzzzz

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